The Home Buyer’s Checklist

Ready for the Responsibility of Home Ownership?

  • I have career stability and/or financial stability.

  • I know my credit score and it is good.

  • I have saved enough to demonstrate an ability to pay a mortgage and cover the initial costs of the transaction, including down payment.


Next Steps:

Ready for the Responsibility of Home Ownership?

  • Make a wish list and prioritize it. What’s more important: location or space? Granite countertops or a finished basement? Etc.

  • Look at homes. Get to know the neighborhoods in which you are searching. Prepare to make compromises. Explore your options.

  • Obtain funding. Mortgage financing sources include: mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, savings and loan associations, mutual savings banks, commercial banks, credit unions, and insurance companies.

  • Make an offer. Your REALTOR® is familiar with the area’s current supply, demand and comps (properties similar to the one you’re pursuing in the same area you’re looking in) and can guide you in making an appropriate offer.

  • Have a professional home inspection done and be present for it. This is a great opportunity to examine the property’s mechanics, structure, ask questions, and learn more about the property.